My name is Paul Douglas – I am a faithful Baptist Christian, husband of Tamara, and father to 5 beautiful children. First and foremost, I am a follower of Jesus. Husband, father, and entrepreneur.

Digital Missions Display is a working ministry borne from an idea from my Pastor M. Adam Summers of Faith Baptist Church in Chelsea. I like to give Pastor Summers the credit for his vision in seeing a better way to present missions. As a missions-minded preacher, he has been instrumental in my zeal for missions.

In 2015, I was tasked with the challenge of coming up with a touchscreen display that would present our supported missionaries using a World Map as the centerpiece.

As a WordPress Web Developer, I had intended on building a web-based application using the “headless” version of WordPress that could be updated by almost anyone who could navigate a website. I thought this was the answer. However, after a few more weeks of research and trying to discern the best course of action, I stumbled upon eMin Resources.

Since 2015, Digital Missions Display has been a supplier of commercial touchscreen monitors, computers, and software resellers. We have worked with eMin Resources to market the InTouch MissionsApp.

Digital Missions Display is more than that though. We provide training, consulting, equipment, and software. The difference between us and some other companies is that we are truly committed to connecting members to missionaries. Our heart is for missions.

Missionaries, like most people, need to bond with other human beings. When our church takes on a new missionary, it is the job of the church to keep in touch with the missionary, their family, and even their sending church. Without communication, there is a lack of focused prayer, edification, accountability, and community. Because of these ideals, we believe Digital Missions Display is the premiere missionary wall provider.