Frequently Asked Questions

User Facing FAQ

  • Will someone be able to enter the missionary data?

    Yes! Digital Mission Display Ministry will manage your missionary data for you! Remote Missionary Data Curation has a flat rate of $99 a month for up to 32 missionaries. We will not only update your missionaries, but we will create graphics, update your computer, and keep everything secure.

  • What kind of documentation is available to learn about the in and outs of the software?

    This website has been written as a wiki or web md for the Digital Missions Display System.

  • Can you come and install the system?

    Yes, the system can be installed by the Digital Missions Display ministry. You can call Paul at (810) 618-4011 for more information and schedule.

  • Is the admin interface difficult to navigate?

    No, it isn't. We have designed the admin interface with user-friendliness in mind, so even individuals who are not technologically savvy can quickly catch on to its functions.

  • Is the initial data input process time-consuming?

    Yes, entering data for the first time can take some time. However, once a few missionaries have been input into the system, the process becomes much simpler.

  • Do we have to purchase hardware form you?

    We acknowledge that numerous churches now possess comprehensive IT departments. If your organization prefers to procure hardware independently, we respect and support your decision.

  • Is there a trial version of the software?

    Certainly! You can easily download the software by following the instructions on our download page. However, please note that the software can only display a maximum of three missionaries.

  • Is there a long term contract?

    We do not require contracts for churches. Churches have the option to invest in the software on a monthly basis, or for a longer periods if they would rather not receive monthly bills.

Admin FAQ

  • Can I remove the password to speed up the process of going from Admin to missionsApp and back?

     Yes, the password for the “missionsApp” admin area can be disabled by following these steps: 

    1. Launch the “missionsApp” software and press Ctrl + A to activate the password input box. 

    2. Enter the default password “changeme” to enter the admin area. 

    2. Tick the "Reveal Passord" checkbox.

    4. Click on “Password Input Box” and delete the current password. 

    5. Delete the current password and leave the field blank. 

    6. Click on “Save Settings” and then click on “Close” to exit the admin area. 

    From now on, you will no longer need to enter a password to access the admin area. Simply press Ctrl + A to activate the hidden menu and enter directly. 

    It’s important to note that removing the password entirely can compromise the security of the “missionsApp” software, especially if the computer is shared with other users. Therefore, it’s recommended to use a strong password or limit the access to the admin area only to authorized users.  

  • How do I login to the missionsApp

    To log in to the "missionsApp" software, follow these steps:

    1. Launch the missionsApp. Launch the "missionsApp" software.

    2. The software should display a world map.

    3. To access the password field, press Ctrl + a on your keyboard. This will activate the hidden field.

    4. Enter the admin password in the password field. Unless it has been changed previously, the default password is "changeme".

    If the password is correct, you will be logged in to the admin area automatically. No need to press enter.

    If you do not have the admin password or have forgotten it, you can contact to obtain the password.

  • What is Kiosk Mode?

    In Windows, kiosk mode is a feature that allows a user to set up a computer to run a specific application or website in full-screen mode, while restricting access to other features or applications on the system. It is often used in public or shared environments, such as museums or airports, to provide a controlled and secure user experience.